Joanita Zain

Joanita Zain
Jellybean Dreams

Jellybean Dreams came to life in 2014 to offer customized prints as sentimental mementos for family and friends. It actually began whilst Joanita was attempting to decorate her daughter’s room. As a keen photographer and designer, she came up with the idea of drawing nursery prints, choosing the moon as her first design subject.

“Passion is a big driver for entrepreneurs – you’ve got to enjoy what you do and be inspired to keep going. Find your style, be unique and be open to new ideas along the way,” said Joanita Zain.

Jellybean Dreams expanded from designing nursery prints to Islamic art and bespoke pieces. Now Joanita is handling large scale design projects such as the wall art at the new Children Ward at RIPAS, Chatime and Rumah Gelato. Don’t forget to tag @jellybeandreams as you admire her inspiring masterpieces ❤️